Happy Birthday Kristen Jett! <3

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Howdy Kristen!

Welcome to Happy Birthday Scavenger Hunt stop #5!

HBKJFirst off, Happy Birthday! I’m so grateful that we’ve met on Twitter! And so, commence all the reasons I think Kristen Jett is awesome.


Top 10 Reasons Kristen Jett is Fantastic

1.She is a great writer.

2. She encourages other writers to be better and to write.

3. She is a marketing Queen (and even better, the type that shares her secrets with other writers.)

4. She loves to read (everything and anything).

5. She knows how to bake delicious and bacon-y things and will share the recipe.

6. She’s always just a tweet away!

7. She loves the Hardy Boys. Especially Joe. Which is one of the main requirements I have of my friends.

8. She is creative.

9.She makes magic happen.

10. She is organized. Beyond organized. In an awesome and organize-y way.

Happiest of birthdays Kristen Jett!

Riddle for Stop #6

She’s fab, she’s fun, she’s also a gal.
She’s sweet and also a fellow writing pal,
You know her online but that’s not all,
You’ve met her in person (and she was quite swell).
Hint: Her initals are K.E.

1 Comment on Happy Birthday Kristen Jett! <3

  1. Kristen Jett
    November 17, 2013 at 12:23 pm (4 years ago)

    Makes magic happen = happy KJ, lol.
    Thank you Jolie!


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